Skins 3:1 (Spoilers)


I never saw series 1, and thought series 2, although entertaining, was riven with flaws. The same mistakes are not repeated here, at least not in this fun, silly, exciting and well written season opener. The original cast may now be gone, but they’ve been replaced by much better, more confident actors. It may be sad that Maxxie and Tony are gone, but Tony’s sister Effy remains, and she’s the centre of everyone’s attention. JJ, Ollie and the beautiful Freddie (Luke Pasqualino, above) all want her. It isn’t the only triangle in play. We have twins, faux lesbians, and indeed Pandora from series 2, still worshipping Effy from afar. Getting the theme of this series?

The actors aren’t just better, the script is more assured too. It’s funnier (Ardal O’Hanlon truly rocks), sharper and more consistent as well. It isn’t afraid to be laugh out loud funny, but these characters are at the same time much more real than the previous cast. And the new cast has been very well thought out. Kaya Scodelario is as brilliant as she was last year as Effy, and the chemistry she has with Jack O’Connell (Cook) and Pasqualino is electric. Where last series was punctuated by excessive caution and an uncertainty about who its audience was, they’re pretty sure here who’s watching. Even the sexual content is amusing (and in one instance delightful), and I couldn’t be more intrigued about where this is going.

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10 responses to “Skins 3:1 (Spoilers)

  1. What are you actually talking about? The actors are no more confident and as for more real?? What is real about JJ, Pandora and Cook? Let alone gangster white – they are ridiculous characters!
    For periods in each of the new episodes you are just waiting for something to happen, it can be quite dull in places.

    Definitely not as funny or as good as either series 1 or 2.

  2. Typo in first paragraph: I think you mean JJ, COOK, and Freddie, (Ollie is the actor that plays JJ)
    And anyway, I pretty much love all the seasons equally…even though the pilot for season 3 was admittedly not as good as the others, it’s been getting better gradually.

  3. All of the actors are great I think the old ones from the other series should come back for future series. Sid, tony, cassie, all of them.
    All of the characters and who plays them are amazing. Skins is the best ever. Imagine all of the characters all together in future seasnons…. Great!

  4. You should really watch series 1, it is by far the best

  5. i do agree freddie is beautiful with his big dreamy eyes! i have never seen serise 1&2 but this seasons brilliant! but i hope emily is not gay and gets together wif jj! cook is annoyin and shud just go away! freddie shud be wif effey or me!lol!

  6. freddie is just the fittest thing ever so yeh yah cn safely say thah series 3 ish best coz of freddie too fit foh words makes all the shit characters such as pandora and thomas worth watchinggg love freddie hate coook!! loves skins ;; 😀 only started watching recently and i luv ih x

  7. this review is a F&%^ing joke. Not only have you not seen seen season one, but the first two seasons of skins are some of the greatest television i’ve ever witnessed. To compare season three with its lack of content and its story which is not driven by characters in the slightest to the godsend that was season one and two is a joke. get your facts straight. watch season 1 and never EVER try telling myself or anyone else that season 3 is even in the same league as season 2 and 1. this is one of the WORST blogs i have wasted my time reading. make an educated blog, not one which you have somehow conjured through sheer crap

  8. @ John – I think I love you.

    “Make an educated blog” – Might I suggest you read the majority, educated entries? 😉

  9. “cosmodaddy” watch the first season before you say that season two was: “although entertaining, was riven with flaws.”
    i dont mean to be harsh, but any moron would realize you have to know the characters by watching the first season in order to fill in the gaps. they arnt going to spell it out for you in the second season if you havent bothered to watch the show to begin with. then you will see how real the characters from seasons 1 and 2 were and how season 3 cant really compare.

    but i suppose since youd be going into it with a bias towards season three, i dont know why im wasting my time posting this to you.

  10. I’m glad you did though, Laura. It’s a pretty funny comment, all things considered.

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