The Dustbin of History

Hours to go until the inauguration of President Obama, but this caught my eye and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s time to say bye-bye to the most disastrous presidency of modern times. Whether he was really just a puppet of the now wholly discredited PNAC or not, Bush presided over an illegal war which united the world against the United States. He presided over a prison camp in Cuba which united the world against the United States. He (admittedly halfheartedly) fought to enshrine homophobia in the US Constitution, and at the very least rubber stamped a culture of disregard for all other aspects and protections of the Constitution. Illegal wire tapping? Check. Torture? Check. Surveillance society? Check. Whether the Kyoto Treaty ever had any likelihood of being effective or not, he moved the United States away from greater environmental protection under Clinton to even dismissing modern scientific realities, not just on global warming, but on stem cell research, and other scientific realms not approved of by evangelical Christians. And don’t get me started on religion…his & Rove’s pandering to the religious right accelerated the red/blue state split which had been growing since Nixon. That Obama was able to navigate through that mess was nothing short of miraculous.

He promised compassionate conservatism but led the country and the world into successive nightmares. Neither he nor his Master, Dick Cheney, will be missed by anyone with an intellect or any shred of human decency.


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