A Meditation Liveblog


It’s really always been my favourite. The simplicity, creating space for feelings of well-being, enjoying essentially a relationship with myself (and a positive one at that), meditating on the breath is a delight. Using it as a prism to see the crazy number of thoughts I (and we all) have is wonderfully therapeutic, having the space to see I don’t need to be driven by them or beholden to them. I can see them for what they are and pick and choose what thoughts I need and for what purpose.

It’s also a gentle reminder of change: the breathing is constantly different, as are the thoughts. It’s an effective way of removing feelings of constriction. It’s reliable too: thoughts and feelings are never stay stable; not so the body.

Last year it was particularly helpful in enabling me to see just how dependent I was on certain thoughts , yet that well-being wasn’t arising from them – quite the opposite. Learning to have a stable relationship with myself and having the space to do so was the first step in changing everything.

Posted by ShoZu


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