The Eleventh Doctor

The viral rumour is now confirmed: at 5.35pm GMT tomorrow BBC1 is screening a Doctor Who Confidential which will reveal the long-anticipated Eleventh Doctor! Now whilst I’m gutted that David Tennant is retiring Ten about a series too soon, I’m dead excited to find out who Steven Moffat’s initial Doctor will be. Given that the episodes he’s written of every series so far (Blink anyone?) have been the highlights of the relaunched franchise, tomorrow’s announcement is huge.

Smart money is on:

Paterson Joseph

Matt Smith

Sean Pertwee

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Paterson Joseph has been the most peristently rumoured name for months, and considering he’s got more than enough experience in both comedy and drama (and is an accomplished theatrical actor), my hope remains that the bookies are right. He was my top choice before Eccleston was cast as Nine! Having said that Ejiofor has equal (if not superior) experience – seen Serenity? Seen Dirty Pretty Things? He would also be a delightful Eleven. I hope that Pertwee (despite his parentage) doesn’t get it, but don’t be surprised for an outsider like Matt Smith to win it – RTD barred the relaunched franchise from taking on an ageing Doctor, which by that criteria puts Ejiofor and Smith at the top of the shortlist…


11 responses to “The Eleventh Doctor

  1. Just finished watching “Jekyll” with James Nesbitt and it reminded me how good an actor Paterson is. I think he would make an excellent Doctor.

  2. I hadn’t watched Dr Who since I was a kid. But everyone talks about it favourably, so I decided to watch the Christmas edition last week. I really wanted to like it because I feel left out, but I must admit it didn’t do anything for me. It just seemed like a cliché and very formulaic. As a fan, can you try and explain why it’s held in such high regard? Just interested. I feel like I’m missing something.

  3. Well the Christmas Special this year really was clichéd and formulaic, I completely agree. It really didn’t do the character much justice, nor was it a remotely appropriate jumping on point.

    There’s an awful lot of rubbish in the character’s history, and some awful episodes since the relaunch. But episodes like the aforementioned, frightening, non-sequential Blink, the dark secret of the Doctor’s heroism in Human Nature and Family of Blood and quirky social commentary The Idiot’s Lantern are unlike anything else on television.

    It’s hard really to describe unless you’ve seen the best stuff.


  5. sheila phillips

    I am very disapointed to hear the Matt Smith Who ? yes is the new Doctor Who. Know nothing about him but it should have been
    James Nesbit !! he has the right manic quality/

  6. I couldn’t see James Nesbitt working as the Doctor at all, and besides that he had stated several times that he was not interested in taking it on.

    And we’re not going to be able to judge Matt Smith in his take on it until we see him in the part, really.

  7. Oh indeed. All we can do right now is accept that Moffat has no doubt at all that he fits his vision for Eleven. Moffat’s vision for Nine and Ten has each time outdone RTD’s, so if he says Smith is 100% right I believe him.

    Nesbitt I would have walked away from. Whilst I think he did an amazing job in Jekyll (in getting me to watch it at all when I normally hate him), he would have been a disaster for Who. The age thing was against him anyway, on top of what Dave says about his having rejected the part.

  8. Hope you don’t stick around too long Smith!!!
    This is the worst casting choice they could have ever come up with for new Doctor – not helped by the fact that every time Matt Smith cropped up on Confidential i wanted to hit him in the face. He comes across as pretentious and smug and in my opinion really doesn’t fit the character of the Doctor.
    After months of been teased about top draw actors taking over the role, especially the Next Doctor David Morrissey rumour, who would have been amazing as the Doctor and really done the part justice we have a freaky looking kid who i really can’t believe in as the Doctor.
    I can safely say as far as i’m concerned the series has gone on an extended hiatus and i won’t be watching any of the 2010 series onwards until the Eleventh Doctor is thankfully killed off and we get a half decent Twelfth Doctor!
    The only plus would be if in his regeneration story the Eleventh Doctor has a tragic accident making him regenerate into the Twelfth in his debut story.
    This casting has just ruined the fantastic character of the Doctor and spat in the face of Doctor Who’s impressive legacy. Thanks!!!

  9. You’re entirely welcome to your opinion, but this seems to be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Steven Moffat hasn’t put a foot wrong in his dealings with the relaunched franchise (unlike RTD), and whilst I think this is a strange choice I trust that it fits in with his vision for Eleven and series 5! I don’t know how anyone can ultimately (as Dave says) make an overall judgment until episode 1 hits next year.

    But ‘spat in the legacy’ of the character? I think you’re taking this far too seriously. There was never any chance Morrissey was going to be Eleven, and whilst (as I’ve said) I’m disappointed myself that other alternatives like Paterson Joseph didn’t get picked, I’m genuinely looking forward to finding out what makes Smith so much better. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Disappointed….too young, too strange and although Moffatt IS the best writer and his episodes are excellent…I just cant see it working.
    David Tennant just IS the doctor for me, and I am gutted he is leaving although it was inevitable – still will see how Matt works out I suppose.

  11. I’m pretty sure we should reserve judgment until we see an episode or two…
    I just wish he had real eyebrows

    Seriously the last two castings have been great I see little reason for this casting to be any less.

    I just hope they bring back Gallifrey

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