Metropolitan Police Continue Harassment of Journalists

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Whatever else they’d like you to think, the Metropolitan Police are still continuing to abuse and harass accredited journalists. This incident was filmed outside the Greek Embassy on the 8th December, when the media was covering a demonstration at the Greek Embassy, in response to ongoing demonstrations and unrest in that country. The officer in question clearly assaults photographer Marc Vallée, and tries to prevent cameraman Jason Parkinson from filming his interference in Vallée’s entirely lawful, professional conduct.

Since the filming the Met have apologised and said:

“The officer featured in this clip will be investigated regarding his conduct with a member of the media,” a spokesman from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said, in a statement seen by

Who thinks anything’ll come from the ‘investigation’? The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) reminds us:

“Even where a protest is itself illegal, the media have a right to report on events and the police should not be taking action with the intention of obstructing journalists in their work,” he added.


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