Manchester Police Brutality on CCTV

In a great justification for stopping the roll-out of Tasers, CCTV footage has emerged of a police beating in Wigan, Greater Manchester of Afghanistan war hero Lance Corporal Mark Aspinall for what looks like verbally challenging the police. Whilst I don’t believe his behaviour appears remotely acceptable, does it deserve a beating by three policemen?

It is claimed that he was mistakenly identified by the officers who had been called to deal with a man causing a nuisance to paramedics in the centre of the town

Mr Aspinall was convicted of two counts of assault by Wigan magistrates after the three officers read statements that he had been “behaving violently” and “issuing challenges”.

He was given a three-month suspended prison sentence, ordered to serve 200 hours community service and told the pay the officers £250 compensation.

But the conviction was overturned after the video was shown at an appeal hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.

5 responses to “Manchester Police Brutality on CCTV

  1. Will the Magistrates now resign in shame?
    Will the Police Officers now be prosecuted?
    We already know the answers, like hell.

  2. Scouse in exile

    As an ex Merseyside and Australian police officer I viewed the CCTV with interest. At best this man was drunk. The attitude adjustment dished out by these three individuals was disgusting. I feel ashamed to have worn the same uniform as these thugs. Is it lack of training? Why did the Sergeant not stop the large special constable from assaulting this man? The trial highlights the undesirability of three lay justices from hearing cases like this. They have to be replaced with more District Judges (formerly stipendiary magistrates.)

  3. A spell of active duty in the desert is recognised as an effective way of moderating behaviour.

  4. It just about sums up what kind of characters are in the Police service these days. I personally have lost all respect for what can only be described as cowards. If you take away their uniforms and powers what are you left with. Answer, No character, No guts, and No good. I have nothing but contempt for the lot of them.

  5. Shocking. Who polices the police? There has been 1,000 deaths in police custody over the last 20 years and not one officer has been sacked or found guilty….something has to be done about these arrogant, egotistical bullies because that is all they are. I have no faith whatsoever in police, and it is evident the magistrates urinate in the same pot. If a man, an innocent man, can be shot in the face several times (as did Jean Charles de Menzes) then they are pretty much invincible.

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