Government Abandons ‘Big Brother’ Database?

It appears that New Labour’s cleverest wheeze, to forcibly log every phone call, email and internet visit of everyone in the country to ‘protect us from terrorism’
has been quietly dropped:

The timetable for setting up a giant “Big Brother” database is slipping after the scheme was dropped from next month’s Queen’s Speech.

Whitehall sources confirmed last night that the plans would not be included in the Queen’s Speech on 3 December, in which the Government outlines its legislative programme for the next parliamentary year.

Big Sister Jacqui Smith really isn’t doing that well at the moment, is she? This project was an immoral disgrace from the outset – just look at one of the fine details:

Home Office officials have told senior figures from the internet and telecommunications industries that black box technology could automatically store raw data before transferring it to a giant government-controlled database, according to the Independent.

Big Brother, almost come to pass?


2 responses to “Government Abandons ‘Big Brother’ Database?

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  2. I am delighted that this appalling bill was dropped and with a bit of luck, it will not be revived, as has been suggested, for 2011. However, the fact remains, that the existing bill already gives the government much the same powers, they were just seeking to strengthen the rules. So the fight remains to have the current legislation repealed.

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