Condemn Theocrat Newt Gingrich!

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“I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion.” Gingrich also stated: “[W]hen the radicals lost the vote in California, they are determined to impose their will on this country no matter what the popular opinion, no matter what the law of the land.” (source)

There are indeed gay people and secular individuals who want to impose their will on the rest of you. But let’s unpick that – the ‘rest of you’ are the fundamentally religious. ‘We’ are the gay, the straight, the secular and the religious who acknowledge that in the state of California at least, the Supreme Court determined that all women and men were equal before the law – that you could disagree with, dislike, even hate their sexual orientation on any grounds you liked, but could not codify that into law. And the Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of the Californian constitution agreed. Proposition 8 is a theocratic intervention designed to undermine the Californian constitution, and as Ashton Kutcher said, the precise point of the United States itself, by enshrining religious doctrine (and spurious doctrine at that) into secular law.

Social norms change, they evolve. Religions do too – take a look at Gene Robinson and the Ecclesiastical Church. Gay people and women are becoming more visible than ever before in the Anglican Church, mirroring our greater visibility and representation in other walks of life. To suggest this is some sort of threat to the religiously devout is a conniving misrepresentation, unless you indeed are talking about religious fundamentalists, who believe that their religion and indeed society are static institutions and should remain so; in practice very few even of them do. Noone is using violence in the anti-Prop 8 protests apart from isolated individuals whom the rest of us do not support. Why is he essentially demanding that gay people justify their quest for equality in society? Why not speak out against homophobia?

If the mob decides that rescinding civil rights is acceptable in a state where equality before the law is enshrined in its constitution, then the mob is wrong, regardless of the reason or the issue. Either your constitution means the same for everyone, and the Supreme Court’s ruling is accepted, or you might as well have a theocratic state. Look how well that’s working out for gay people, religious minorities, women and political dissenters in Iran. Oppress those you don’t approve of and everyone suffers. The lesson of Obama’s election is that America is starting to take that slowly on board – Gingrich has been left behind.


One response to “Condemn Theocrat Newt Gingrich!

  1. I have an extreme distaste for both of those men.

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