Gays Should Protest Black People

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No, of course I don’t mean it. It’s a satirical line from the Colbert Report, all the more stinging given the number of news reports Colbert references which unquestioningly lift the misleading CNN exit poll data about homophobic Californian ballot measure Proposition 8.

Dan Savage raises some interesting points in the exchange, but I can’t help but wonder whether his flippant comment about older people is part of the problem. If you just sit by and say you’ll outlast your opponents because they’ll simply die off, how surprised will you be (in an aging society) when they last quite a long time indeed?

Obama won his election in part from having reached out into religious and racial communities not historically attuned to a black candidate for high office. The gay community should follow his example, whether or not the California Supreme Court strikes Prop 8 down. Social change is not embedded through legal evolution alone – hearts and minds have to be won. Dan Savage is very funny talking to Stephen Colbert, who identifies many of the issues in play between Mormons and the gay community, but Savage ignores the fact that his argument of ‘you can’t be pro-gay and anti-gay-marriage’ needs to be justified to many people. Just because he can see the automatic logic in that statement doesn’t mean everyone else can, particularly if they have a religion interfering with their judgment.


3 responses to “Gays Should Protest Black People

  1. Hi there, in my mind there is no excuse for this. I am an african american woman who has been standing up for the LGBT community since high school (oh, was that scary) and who’s old roommate heads an advocacy organization that is spearheading the rights for all Californians to vote. I was in the woods when i received the life-affirming news that Obama won and the heart-crushing news that Prop 8 was destined to win. The problem is not black people but religious people (and I am a spiritual soul) as well as a history of slavery, oppression of black men that is strangely linked in some old (yes, i said it) black folks minds. I will be doing what i can to fight Prop 8 and to encourage all to reach out to African Americans and Latinos – the Mormons are a lost cause and remember that is is their money that helped make this possible. In solidarity with you all in winning back your basic civil liberties! Love, CJ

  2. PS- I love Cosmo’s pics – am a big fan of animals (have two cats and a pound puppy). OK, now I have to ask favor of white folks in San Francisco: when you see me when you are walking your dog, please don’t yank the pup so hard to get him/her away from me, I lOVE DOGS – this is NOT the deep south in the 60’s! Love, CJ

  3. interesting typo, i meant to say that my friend is fighting for the right of all californians to MARRY (not vote) 🙂

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