Censorious Christian Beaten by Erection

Lilian Ladele may have her temporary victory, but this theist loses:

An art gallery will not face any legal action over claims it displayed an indecent statue of Jesus Christ.

The artwork was part of an exhibition at Gateshead’s Baltic Centre featuring several plaster figures with erections.

A private prosecution was being brought by Christian group member Emily Mapfuwa, 40, of Essex, on the grounds the statue outraged public decency.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) stopped the action on Monday and said the gallery had no case to answer.

Damn right. a) It was in an art gallery; b) There were warnings on the doors; c) It’s fucking art you prudish loons. And even more staggeringly:

Emily Mapfuwa, the Christian who was so offended by a statue of Jesus with a penis that she decided to take the art gallery to court, never actually visited the exhibition in which it was displayed, a local radio station has confirmed.

Mapfuwa’s lawyer, Michael Phillips of the Christian Legal Centre, was interviewed on BBC Radio Essex, where he was asked the question, “Did Emily actually visit the exhibition?” He replied,

Er, no. She didn’t.

Right. So she took offence to something she hadn’t seen (you can, above), which was in an art gallery which alerted all potential visitors to the content, and then decided to sue them anyway for outraging public decency. Stupid, just stupid. Oh and if you don’t like this photo, tell the Guardian (whom I’m hotlinking it from) to take it down and see if they do. A final warning though?

Christian Voice national director Stephen Green said: “This decision urges Christians to create public disorder if we want a similar case to proceed in future. We are naturally reluctant to do that and it puts us in new territory. On the other hand, there were those at the Baltic Centre who wanted to take matters into their own hands and I have warned Anita Zabludowicz that her statue will not survive being put on public display again.

Sounds like he’s advocating violence. I hope he faces the consequences.


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