Obama Rattles The Vatican

OMG you know something’s going right when the Vatican starts to brief against President-Elect Obama.

Aides to Mr Obama indicated this week that he will reverse Mr Bush’s stand on stem cell research. The US Senate voted in July to remove restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, but the President vetoed the legislation the following day.

Mr Obama has supported stem cell research to find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. His views are supported by Joe Biden, the Vice-President-elect, who is a Roman Catholic.

Concerned at Obama’s stance on this issue, the Vatican replied:

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan of Mexico, who acts as the Vatican health minister, said that stem cells taken from human embryos and involving the destruction of the embryos “serve no purpose”.

Asked whether the Vatican was concerned about reports that Mr Obama might reverse the Bush Administration’s ban, the cardinal said that embryonic stem cell research had not resulted in any significant health cure so far and was “good for nothing”.

Good for nothing eh? Well the ‘science’ or ‘rational’ community, which once again is in charge after 8 years, completely disagrees with you oh ‘health minister’ (snigger). It’ll also be excellent for the economy, considering just how much research was forced to go overseas following the Bush administration’s ban. I echo Jon Stewart’s comment on last week’s Daily Show the day after the election – things are starting once again to look and feel the way I instinctively feel they should.

About bloody time too.


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