Child Protection Killed Baby P

Let me get as controversial as I can as quickly as I can.

A nationwide review of child protection services has been launched after two men were found guilty of involvement in the death of a 17-month-old baby who suffered horrific injuries after being used as a “punchbag”.

In a case described as one of the most severe child protection failures since the murder of Victoria Climbié, the boy’s mother had earlier pleaded guilty to involvement in his death.

The abuse of the child, known in court as Baby P, was said to have taken place over eight months, during which time the boy was on the child protection register of Haringey – the same local authority that was found to have failed seriously in its duty of care to Victoria, who died eight years ago

Baby P, who was 17 months old, died after months of being used “as a punchbag” and then having his back and ribs broken, the court heard.

Baby P died because of child protection. Because all the agencies and ‘protection’ professionals were looking in the wrong direction for the wrong thing by the wrong people. Time and again this happens – children beaten up, sexually abused and killed, by truly dangerous people who are invariably known to them and are almost always their carers. But council officials, the police, social services, all look for menaces which simply aren’t there and I’m sick of it. They spend time banning lone walkers in parks because they might be paedophiles who might attack children. They stop tourists taking photographs which might contain children for fear that they might be dangers. They set up whole safeguarding authorities on top of criminal record vetting systems for Christ’s sake…and Baby P? He is allowed to die. With the mentality we’ve allowed to run rampant it was inevitable.


13 responses to “Child Protection Killed Baby P

  1. I’m shocked.
    Those sick bastards need to be killed for the sake of all humanity. Good Lord, how can this happen?! it’s not even human! Those people can’t be called human, not even animals, they’re the lowest of scum!

  2. Well I agree it’s not human. They are indeed the lowest of scum. But my particular gripe here is with the paediatrician who is rumoured never to have even held Baby P, with social services whose caseloads were too high and all the other agencies who were so intent on looking in the other direction for threats that they ignored this one.

    We’re becoming so intent on ‘protection’ that real protection just gets left by the wayside.

  3. Sharon (sociopath) Shoesmith needs to go. She is as much to blame for that poor babies death as the depraved animals that systematically tortured him for the duration of his short life.

  4. Its Disgusting the agony that child must have gone through it makes me sick how can any mother allow her child to subjected to that. They will be out in a years like they all are. Theres no justice for victims in this country they get away with everything.

  5. Ps: They should all be sacked none of them did there job properly as far as I’m concerned because if they did this would never have happened to that innocent beautiful baby my he rest in peace now he is finally safe from harm.

  6. I am sick to my stomach, i cant stop thinking about this baby. The people who are responsable for the death of this baby want to be hung,drawn and quarterd this country lets scum like that get away with these horific crimes.We want to know who these sickos are, lets hope they get wats coming to them and the people who missed all the signs want sacking they are also responsable for the death of that beautiful baby. If i were them i wouldnt be able to live with myself they havent got a clue about protecting these vunruble children. Thy will get wats coming to them and lets hope the sickos who did this to baby p gets wats coming to them when they get to prison.

  7. I wonder why the mother and her boyfriend haven’t been identified yet – do they have still more charges from other crimes pending against them?

    I’m sure they will get what’s coming to them, but I don’t believe that’s the answer for anyone for any crime, tempting as it occasionally can be.

  8. Social services plead shortage of staff and financial resources as excuses for overlooking torture of children(even after 60 visits to baby P ).In other European countries they take children from parents only if they have been severely physically abused but in Britain we waste most of out valuable resources fighting cruel cases in secret courts to remove children and even new born babies for “risk of emotional harm” and similar lesser reasons. The parents of baby P WOULD NEVER HAVE GONE TO COURT to fight for his return if he had been taken earlier as parents that violently physically abuse their children avoid courts like the plague !

    Physical torture KILLS KILLS KILLS !!!
    Emotional abuse does NOT
    Poor school attendance does NOT
    A cluttered house does NOT
    Witnessing domestic violence does NOT
    Hostility to the “professionals” does NOT
    A parent with learning problems does NOT
    Where therefore should the “SS” priorities lie?
    I’m only asking !!
    I would have thought myself it was MORE IMPORTANT to concentrate on preventing babies being tortured rather than the more common rush to remove babies AT BIRTH from mothers whom some highly paid psychobabble merchants have decided might at some future date emotionally harm their babies ! Crystal ball gazing ??

  9. the papers may be banned from naming & shaming the cruel vile killers of baby p but i aint. They are [snip – I don’t do vigilante justice – CD] of [snip – repeat my earlier comment]. [snip – get the picture?] is the peado living with them. I urge everyone to pass this on so everybody can name & shane them. Also please sign the sun paper petition to have justice for that poor little boy. Rest in peace little man

  10. I understand how emotive Baby P’s death is and how awful the subject and circumstances are. But I don’t agree that vigilante justice resolves anything ever. I also don’t think for a moment that the Sun cares a jot for this child – it’s an odious newspaper, they’re out for greater circulation and profit. In my mind that’s pretty scummy.

  11. Stacey – do you think the Sun are really doing anything good about this? No, they’re not. They’re doing what they always do – jumping on the nearest bandwagon of emotive news and running with it. See previous cases of the Sun and News of the World doing the same thing (Sarah Payne, Jamie Bulger, Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr etc.)

    They are playing on peoples emotions to get publicity for themselves. As cosmodaddy says, that is pretty scummy.

    I find it quite hard to read some of the stuff written about Baby P (and previously Victoria Climbié) – a little care and attention from Social Services staff could have seen these children (and many more who are in similar situations but maybe not as bad in comparison) removed from that situation and placed with people who could care for them. It appears we need to be safeguarded from those who are using safeguards to safeguard us from ourselves. Or something.

  12. yes i do think the sun is trying to do somthing good by getting these people that failed in their care of baby p sacked. The vile bastards that done this deserve to be named and shamed, in fact they deserve to be killed in a very slow and painful way. as i would do if anyone killed or hurt any of my kids. i will gladly pass this info on to anyone who wants it. if anyone wants to know this info email me at [snip – nice try – I’ll ban you next time – NO VIGILANTISM – CD]

  13. In the light of what has happened to Baby Peter
    and all the other children before him, I seriously
    think Social Services should no longer be involved in Child Protection issues. Once again they have prooved how incompetent and inadequate they are. Would it be possible for the
    NSPCC or Barnados to take over this very responsible and highly important role ? Perhaps
    if we got a petition together with all the signatures of people concerned about the future safety and welfare of our children, it would help to propose this move in parliament. It is a matter
    of extreme urgency ; a matter of life and death.

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