President Obama Wins Florida

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The ghost of 2000 is laid to rest, Barack Obama is President-Elect, and America starts adjusting to the monumental reality of its first African-American president. I’m aware right now of the huge step forward world history has just taken.

Well done America. I’m really emotional right now.


2 responses to “President Obama Wins Florida

  1. Yes we can.

  2. Didn’t he just? Didn’t the candidate who embodies diversity through his very example not successfully reach out to the real ‘Real America’? The one which is comprised of a multitude of races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions, and which respects difference? The terrorist/anti-semite charge was always going to be counterproductive against Obama – John McCain should sue his campaign advisors for not making that clear to him from the start. Unless of course his judgment really was that bad that he didn’t care and ran with his ugly campaign anyway…

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