McCain/Palin Are Toast

(via Daily Kos)


8 responses to “McCain/Palin Are Toast

  1. I’m staying up for the concession.

    This thing is done.

  2. Obama’s choices were right, his temperament was right, his priorities were right, and the timing of his message was right. McCain did everything wrong that he could have. Biden was the spot on right choice to help Obama govern and be credible in foreign policy. Palin became a national joke, albeit with the help of Katie Couric, who was in part responsible for delivering this for Obama.

    As we touched on earlier, the interesting story will be the influence of Hillary Clinton. The fight with her in the primaries got people registered to vote (minorities in particular) in unprecedented numbers, her quiet, behind-the-scenes response to Sarah Palin arguably contributed to stealing Palin’s sudden base back again.

  3. The long drawn out primary fight could have been a very bad thing for the Democrats, but it seems to have been a very good thing, instead.

  4. Barack should now take Florida and Virginia. He may just fall short in North Carolina by a tiny margin. Indiana I just can’t call – it’s less than 5,000 votes in it with 90% in. Missouri is also gonna be close but I get the feeling tonight it loses Bellwether status.

  5. Takes Florida, already taken Virginia, Indiana pretty likely. California completes McCain’s humiliation.

  6. it’s done.

  7. I am so emotional right now.

  8. I’m quite teary right now. This is enormous. Everything changes.

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