I’m Going to Call It…

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Obama takes Pennsylvania, Florida looks like a lock and Indiana even looks like a possibility.

Guess who doesn’t have a route to 270?


6 responses to “I’m Going to Call It…

  1. Florida is looking pretty good. Ohio is looking good. New Hampshire and Pennsylvania going blue quickly is obviously a huge lockdown.

    Shame no joy in Georgia or North Dakota but even so, there’s hardly any route for McCain now. We need one more biggie to be called and this over – Ohio, Florida, Virginia – give us one of these and that does it, I think.

    The good news is that the polls look like they were almost exactly right, on current evidence.

  2. I’m going to stick my neck out and say on current evidence Obama’s going to take Florida, Virginia and Ohio. It’s not going to be a question of whether or not he wins the election, but what the scale will be. If he takes Indiana we’re going into even more history-making than his victory was already going to represent…

  3. I think he gets North Carolina too.

  4. NBC calls Ohio for Obama

  5. McCain has no route to 270.

    Florida, North Carolina and Virginia make this a walkover.

    Interesting to hear the talk of Hillary Clinton’s behind-the-scenes, off-the-radar campaigning influencing many of these results…

  6. Clinton has been an absolute trooper, it’s clearly emerging – below the radar.

    We’ll be well over 300 here.

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