Dead Set: 5 (Spoilers)

The lovers reunite, and Riz Ahmed reveals to Jaime Winstone that there really is no happy ending for any of them. His presence fractures the uneasy truce between Big Brother Patrick and the easily led housemates. Who will they follow? The lovers who believe the only safe place to stay is the Big Brother house, or Patrick who really has become the programme itself? Reality collides with meta-reality, common sense with every man for himself, as the heroes have to decide whether villainy might be needed in order to save themselves. Lord of the Flies? On acid.

Joplin switches sides, and bids to escape with mad Patrick, who takes Winstone hostage. Will they lose to the undead because of Patrick’s control freakery? Ahmed is shot dead, as Joplin’s instability threatens even to destroy Patrick. Desperate to gain his master’s approval, Joplin opens the gates and the undead overrun the outside of the house, killing Patrick too. His disembowelling and decapitation are probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on any screen, and adding blackly comic dialogue makes them all the more effective. With British TV perhaps entering a puritanical phase it is a delight to see a production which is indifferent to taste…

Too late we care about the housemates. They never stood a chance.

Winstone escapes into the diary room and declares Space the winner.

The zombies we are as we watch the show, and the zombies the housemates are as they compete all become true zombies. A cautionary tale? Nasty nasty television. Well done, E4.


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