Dead Set: 4 (Spoilers)

The hordes of the undead just keep on increasing at the Big Brother House and Riz Ahmed’s safehouse. Neither will get out alive, unless the river at Ahmed’s house really does lead to the Big Brother house. But what are Alex’s motivations for travelling with him? Merely not to be alone? Meanwhile in the Big Brother house…

“Oh my God you’ve killed Davina!”

“I hired her, I can do what I like!” says producer Patrick after slamming a metal pole through zombie Davina McCall’s head and out of her eye.

Classic. And Patrick sets out to prove himself right. Big Brother can indeed survive the end of the world, as man’s inhumanity to man transcends even armageddon, or is it just his sheer practicality confronting the cosseted lives of the housemates? And what will become of Ahmed, having to kill Alex after she’s infected in a zombie attack on the way to find his girlfriend Winstone, still holding her own in the Big Brother house?

The only escape for Patrick and the others is to chop up dead housemates and use them as bait to distract the zombies and drive past them. But drive where? And as the housemates prepare to clear a way out, will they kill Ahmed before he has a chance to reunite with Winstone? The gore is truly shocking, and tremendously effective, delivered as it is with the utmost sarcasm and black comic timing. We’d grown to like the initially repulsive Grayson, but he ends up as entrails and meat (is that all Big Brother contestants really are?). And with this set in the Big Brother house, both fictionally and actually, will this yet be an exercise in futility for us all? Wouldn’t that be a stab in the guts?


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