Dead Set: 3 (Spoilers)

When law and order break down what do the Metropolitan Police do? Obsess about Big Brother of course…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Things get worse. Bitten housemate Angel dies and becomes a zombie, while Winstone and the others looking for medical supplies encounter trigger happy police marksmen. All hell breaks loose in the Big Brother house and numbers start to drop. What will Joplin do to protect his heart’s desire? And when producer Patrick, trapped with bimbo former housemate Pippa can no longer hold in the result of eating too many canapes, what will he do? Risk being eaten by zombie Davina? Or shit in a bucket? The black comedy is cranked up here, with masterful timing, in both acting and production.

The one remaining link Ahmed and Winstone have is the still-transmitting Big Brother live feed. Winstone herself is still commanding incredible authority – “we’re smarter than them and that’s why we’re going to beat them?” She sounds as though she means it, although she hasn’t a chance. Then Ahmed sees her on the small screen, but will Alex allow them to be reunited?


One response to “Dead Set: 3 (Spoilers)

  1. i am continueing to LOVE this show. Well acted, scared the crap out of me and I laughed too! The woman in the pool was brilliant..

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