On the Brink of History

It’s five days to go…

And Simon Jenkins takes the opportunity to pass comment on the likely victor:

Today the outside world, much of it with a direct and painful interest in American policy, wants Obama to win, by leads of 20% to 60%. These people have no vote. But the narrower electorate of the United States appears also to want Obama to win, albeit by a smaller margin. The world prefers him chiefly because he is black, the latter chiefly because he is not Republican.

I think both conclusions are completely wrong. If the latter claim were true, if the reasons for his enormous popularity really were so soft, then the slightest attack by the GOP would be enough to equalise this race, which is now massively overbalanced in the Democrat’s favour. It is his positions on the issues in contrast to McCain’s, it is his assured, intelligent, steadfast manner, in contrast with McCain’s chaotic irresponsibility, it is the narrative he’s painted about how he wants the country to be which has galvanised domestic voters into making this huge leap. This isn’t a partisan issue – the country has seen that trickle-down economics doesn’t work, that total war to control natural resources abroad doesn’t work, that operating alone in the world doesn’t work, that attacking your fellow Americans for their differences doesn’t work. Obama has made it clear he understands this and that he must chart a different course.

To say that the rest of the world supports him because he is black is disingenuous at best, racist at worst. My initial support was for Hillary Clinton, but I’ve come to be enormously impressed by the example which Obama has displayed in his campaign, and respect it now on its own merits; in many respects it’s unprecedented. True there is a novelty in his race, but I would maintain the rest of the world supports Obama because he offers a resumption of sanity to the White House. The pre-emptive wars (based on lies), the setting of international allies against one another for domestic benefit, the injection of religiosity into White House thinking, and reliance on the cowboy mentality of ‘you’re either with us or against us’ quite honestly offended the majority of the world outside America. Merely Obama’s acknowledgment that at some point the US will have to talk to Iran in order to begin restoring a sounder world order, got our attention. The fact that he talks in an enlightened way sealed the deal.

When Obama is elected president next week it will be a watershed in world history indeed because he is black, but not out of some fascination with his race. It will show an entire generation of African American young people that there is no longer a glass ceiling on what they can achieve. For a country which remains very much divided by race, the power of his victory will be like nothing it has ever experienced before.


9 responses to “On the Brink of History

  1. Remember that when they tax you into the ground to give it to someone to lazy to earn it. You dont raise taxes when the dollars is down. You cut both spending and the tax. Money in your hand is money spent to grow the economy = jobs = tax revenue.

  2. I don’t believe that for a moment Chris. I don’t believe that any of the dirt, domestic or international, which Obama’s enemies have left to chuck, can change the outcome on Tuesday. Sure John Major’s victory in Britain in 1992 proved that last minute disasters can strike, but Obama’s talking relentlessly against over-confidence.

    And sfokc6125 – Obama’s committed to lowering taxation for the middle class. But it’s a valid issue to bring up. He is going to inherit a budget deficit unlike any previously generated – to balance the books at some point, it is indeed likely that some taxes will (imho) have to go up. Whose fault will that be? His? I don’t think so.

  3. I’m not sure – this thing has not yet been picked up by the MSM but it will be and Obama better have a good response prepared that doesn’t allow McCain to run with this and dominate the final news cycles of this election campaign on an issue that the electorate, baffling, still trust the Republicans more on.

    I feel this has to be neutralized or it could do damage and there’s just enough time left for that damage to be decisive.

  4. lol I think a video of Obama standing next to Pelosi would do more damage than la qaeda right now.

  5. Still hasn’t been. Storm in a teacup. Tuesday’s result is an inevitability, although I think I agree with Tim…;) (and I like Pelosi…)

  6. I hate the bitch and think she’s a rotten public servant. Though she’s better than Cindy Sheehan.

  7. sorry that came out as overly negative….

  8. Ya think? Why on earth is she a rotten public servant?

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