Palin vs McCain

In the runup to their inevitable defeat a week on Tuesday, things are getting tense between angry John McCain and his crazy running mate Sarah Palin:

Even as John McCain and Sarah Palin scramble to close the gap in the final days of the 2008 election, stirrings of a Palin insurgency are complicating the campaign’s already-tense internal dynamics.

Four Republicans close to Palin said she has decided increasingly to disregard the advice of the former Bush aides tasked to handle her, creating occasionally tense situations as she travels the country with them. Those Palin supporters, inside the campaign and out, said Palin blames her handlers for a botched rollout and a tarnished public image — even as others in McCain’s camp blame the pick of the relatively inexperienced Alaska governor, and her public performance, for McCain’s decline.

“She’s lost confidence in most of the people on the plane,” said a senior Republican who speaks to Palin, referring to her campaign jet. He said Palin had begun to “go rogue” in some of her public pronouncements and decisions.

“I think she’d like to go more rogue,” he said.

It’s hard to see the woman going more rogue to be frank. This isn’t about the wardrobe, this isn’t about the moose shooting or even Troopergate (which hasn’t had anywhere near the impact it should have). This is about a candidate who is utterly unqualified to be president, should the man at the top of the ticket die (and he’s still refusing to release his medical records). She’s memorised talking points, but abundantly clearly doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about – she still doesn’t even know what the Vice President does. The Republican Party thought Rovian identity/wedge politics would work again this year in their pick, McCain didn’t even give the pick any thought, and the whole strategy turned into a mess. Justin Webb puts it quite well:

The interviews have been awful: that’s not media bias, it’s incompetence, hers to an extent but the party’s for letting it happen.

Anyway, John McCain’s response to the Palin insurgency can be seen in the video below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 responses to “Palin vs McCain

  1. Another week goes by, the same outcome as the last – some suggestion that things might be moving a tiny bit in McCain’s direction midweek, but by the weekend Obama’s numbers look as solid as ever, perhaps even better than ever.

    States like Montana, North Dakota in play? Virginia looking in the bag? Colorado? North Carolina? Indiana? Never mind Florida and Ohio, there are so many routes to 270 for Obama that it’s been a paradigm shifter of an election.

    It’s looking very good but like all people who would identify as Democrats, I look at the numbers and can’t quite trust them. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the sting in the tail.

    Nevertheless, time is running out, and the McCain campaign, which seems to be a separate entity to the Palin campaign these days, is coming apart at the seams, they’re already circling the wagons. Something seismic would have to happen now, or these are the worst sets of polling in history and completely misread what’s happening across the board.

    Obama now has to keep doing what he has been doing (one of the smoothest organised, most brilliant strategic campaigns I have ever seen from grassroots to apex – SO FAR) – keep up the positive message for change and stay somewhat above petty partisan attacks on McCain – and run the clock down.

    Man, but this clock is running down slowly!!!

    And hope no late surprise like a Bin Laden or other skeleton dives out of the closet to throw a spanner in the works.

    Thing is – even if it does, I can’t help but suspect Obama and his team will have already gamed these possible scenarios and will know what position to take should such a thing happen.

  2. LMAO. Did you see the video of Palin and McCain debating? Jim Lehrer tries to save the campaign with some last minute counseling.

    That was so funny.

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