Colin Powell’s Endorsement Matters

For those of you who believe that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president doesn’t matter, think again:

Today’s active-duty Army is more diverse than soldiers of decades past could ever have imagined. His unit in Iraq includes U.S. soldiers who were born in Mexico, Russia, Senegal, Ecuador, and Iran. In the barracks, they hurl racial stereotypes at one another as a joke. But, the NCO said, they are all disturbed when they hear Gov. Sarah Palin talk about small, predominantly white towns as the “real America.” And they were all moved when they heard Gen. Powell bemoan the tendency, especially among the Republicans’ right-wing “base,” to equate “Muslim” with “anti-American.” One of the NCO’s best friends, who was killed in a firefight and remains much missed by everyone in the unit, was an American soldier named Omar.

The soldier cautioned against exaggeration. He knows plenty of soldiers who wouldn’t dream of voting for Obama, either because they admire McCain too much or because they’re self-described “rednecks.” Still, many soldiers are sitting on the fence, and Gen. Powell’s endorsement could push them into Obama’s camp.


3 responses to “Colin Powell’s Endorsement Matters

  1. Back online 🙂

    John McCain has apparently given up on Colorado, Wisconsin, etc and his sole win strategy now seem to be to hold as many Bush 04 states as he can + capture Pennsylvania.

    All surveys suggest he’s out of his mind.

    East Coast polling closes at like, 7pm on election day, right? If the exit poll for Virginia shows a clear Obama win, this thing could be over bar the shouting by 7.30pm.

  2. Powell’s endorsement matters, but just not to me. I can’t get over what it was like being a gay man in the U.S. Army when Powell was spewing his homophobia before the Senate Armed Services Committee against gays serving in the military. People listened to Powell then (he was then untainted by George W. Bush and the sucessful First Gulf War was recent). Powell’s contempt for gay Americans made life difficult for many people. Powell has no moral credibility with me.

  3. At the moment it’s all a bit confusing when it comes to the polling – some polls seem to suggest that the race is narrowing both on the national popular vote measure and also in the key swing states, but others seem to indicate Obama’s lead is as impregnable as it’s been in the last couple of weeks.

    Not much is going on right now – the economic panic has died down a bit…the feeling of urgent crisis…so the Obama bounce from that is likely dissipating somewhat, but nothing really has replaced it, for good or ill, on either side yet.

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