You DO Talk to Your Enemies!

McCain thinks Obama’s position on confrontations such as that with Iran is wrong. General Petraeus (his much quoted hero) says otherwise:

What Petraeus said isn’t a perfect endorsement of Obama’s views — he didn’t specifically discuss Iran, and the question of “no preconditions” didn’t come up — but it’s pretty darn close.

That’s because it’s as clear as day that the context specifically was the debate between Obama and McCain on this topic on Tuesday night. During that exchange, the candidates clashed on whether to meet with the leaders of Iran, and the questioner at Heritage posed the subject about talking to enemies specifically in that light.

And while Petraeus did say he didn’t see Tuesday’s debate, the general no doubt knows precisely what the disagreement between the two men is on this topic. So the question Petraeus was asked was basically the same as him being asked whose views he endorsed when it comes to the two men’s very public disagreement. Petraeus’ own joke about not wanting to wade into “a minefield” and his allusion to not getting “involved in domestic politics” would suggest that that’s how he saw the question, too.

And Petraeus more or less picked the Obama argument.

(via Andrew Sullivan)


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