McCain Loses the General Election

Watch. It’s a sublime, career ending moment. Yet again he couldn’t keep his contempt for Obama under control:

That’s not a president anyone can believe in. Game over.


10 responses to “McCain Loses the General Election

  1. What was the wider story on this little clip?

  2. i saw the debate yesterday,4am israeli time
    in my opinion the moderator have not done his job-all he did is allowing the candidates to recite what they have said before about economy ,health care and foreign policy-macain had consistent views ,on the other hand obama had changed his opinions ,regarding economy and foreign policy ,it seems the guy has repeated his lessons so now he can recite them freely, they were no questions about the background of mr obama-for instance ,we know that he was raised as a muslim but later approached christianism through reverend wright..
    also we have learned that he had a good job in new york but left it to go to chicago as community organiser for a meager salary ,and there he had extensive relations with ayres who is definitly for distroying america,how come that from nowhere he became senator, and again from nowhere he bits hilary clinton and gets the nomination ,theses things need huge amount of money ,nobody has really checked the origin of the donators,this meteoric achievement requires in my opinion a deep scrutiny of the press,unfortenatyly so far -nothing
    worse ,how come the wall street collapse happened now and not a month from now or 6 months earlier
    it seems to me that some foreign entity with huge capitals has destabilized the market-if what i fear is correct the future will be very gloomy,however in the short time that remains till november it is the duty of the american press to clarify without any doubts this subjects to me it looks like a well planned takeover

  3. ok however ,the subjects i have pointed out must be investigated by the media she is the watch dog of democracy,therefore i expect them to provide the public with accurate information regarding the cv of mr obama-as for mr mcain everybody knows his cv it is crystal clear -all of it “country first”

  4. @ Raphi – ranting much? I refer you to my previous post about McCain (at the very least), which pretty conclusively rebuts your point about ‘c(o)untry first’. McCain has always been about himself first, which his record proves.

    Oh and the media has to investigate Obama? Really? What about McCain’s medical records which he refuses to divulge. What about the birth certificate for Trig Palin, which has mysteriously vanished in Wasilla, Alaska? I won’t dignify your ‘well planned takeover’ snide comment with a rebuttal, based as it is on thin air.

    and there he had extensive relations with ayres who is definitly for distroying america

    I think you’ll find he currently isn’t. And would you care to substantiate what those ‘extensive relations’ are?

  5. Oh and Raphi:

    we know that he was raised as a muslim but later approached christianism through reverend wright..

    We know nothing of the sort. We know he was raised as a Christian.

    The urban legend is refuted many times here.

  6. @ James:

    “There was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies,” he continued. “And it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it — you might never know?”

    “That one,” he added acerbically, and pointed toward Mr. Obama as if accusing him of a crime. Mr. McCain did not, tellingly, look at him.

    “You know who voted against it?” Mr. McCain concluded. “Me.”

    A nasty piece of work.

  7. I know the obama campaign is hammering the, “that one” line. but honestly no one at work even noticed it. Most people only care about substance at this juncture and neither side has really explained what they could do.
    Right now it looks like Obama will be able to hold onto the democratic states and grab enough of the red states to take the lead in the electoral college. McCain would need a massive media blitz or a major Obama gaffe. Most likely Obama will throw Ayers under the bus sometime in the next two weeks with the heavy media attention focused on him and his ties to ACCORN which was raided by the FBI last night. The democrats have long aligned themselves with proto-revolutionary groups with questionable ties and this is just one of their dirty secrets, registering illegals, or even dead people.

    As for Trig, i really think it’s a dead story both from the scientific view and a lost birth certificate situation happens all the time. I know it happened with my sister and I’m pretty sure she was my mom’s. : ) Andrew Sullivan should not be considered a reliable source or even comfortably sane this year, something is wrong with the poor man and he’s obsessive belief that a healthy 15 year old had a down syndrome baby is disturbing at best and down right neurotic at worst.
    I know your opinion of McCain and it’s reasonable, I know i personally disliked Kerry in the previous election cycle for bribing the catholic church into annulling his first marriage. But honestly, hidden babies and family intrigues do we even need them in our narratives?
    Most people I know are more than willing to forgive Obama for his ties to questionable preachers, former terrorists and the other glitterati of the Chicago scene, however there are real questions about his thin skin and his judgment and hopefully this campaigns has worked to help him with both. I don’t think McCain has ever really recovered from his loss in 2000 and his angry outburst. That coupled with the desire of the nation to give the democrats a shot for awhile. Looking at the political scene Obama’s campaign has made acquiesce to the majority of main stream america’s requests and his hands will be tied by the budget and the upcoming budget crunches.
    I’ll be surprised if the next president serves two terms regardless of party, The credit crunch is going to bring big changes to the world and it’ll be tough for everyone.

  8. Most people only care about substance at this juncture and neither side has really explained what they could do.

    I don’t agree at all actually. I think both sides do a fair job of it, it’s just that McCain focuses on being negative for almost the entire time, whereas Obama sticks (for the most part) with being on-message and on-game plan. McCain can’t help it – it’s his temper which gets the better of him, as it always has.

    I think you’re right with the greater point about the electoral cycle having revolved fully again, though. Obama has made the Democrats a safe brand again, in the same way that Blair did for Labour in 1997 in the UK. The obvious next thing to say is look where that got us!

    Your final point is perhaps the most salient of all, and no doubt will start coming up in just a matter of weeks. Obama might very well find his new job a poisoned chalice.

  9. Yeah, I’d like to avoid the nanny state that the Labor party has so lovingly crafted for Britain. The only thing I really dislike about Obama is his past patrons and his followers. They remind me far to much of cultists. But than again that’s why I avoid the democratic party for the most part.

  10. “Obama might very well find his new job a poisoned chalice”

    One of the things I am 100 percent certain of is that Obama has no idea what being president entails. I think he’s starting to, but it’s to late to back out. It’s not what he’s actually looking for, so it will be interesting if he wins what he does with it.

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