McCain Now Grasping At Straws

It’s damage limitation time for McGrumpy, isn’t it? With his campaign yet again tanking after the failure of the gimmick which was its ‘suspension’, the disastrous Palin/Couric interviews, and by right wing measurements losing the first presidential debate, he had to do something, right? And we know now that it has to be something peppered with outrageous lies and unprecedented misogyny, don’t we? Well ‘maverick’ McCain hasn’t disappointed. As the whole world now knows, the initial vote on the Wall Street bailout rejected the legislation. But instead of acknowledging the reality of why the bailout was rejected, which triggered the biggest crash on Wall Street ever, McCain offered:

“Senator Obama and his allies have used unnecessary partisanship… Now it’s time for all members of Congress to go back to the drawing board. I call on Congress to get back immediately to address this crisis. The challenges facing our economy could have a grave impact on every American worker… if our leaders fail to act.”

What was this unnecessary partisanship of which McLiar speaks? It appears to be this:

Some Republicans are saying they were preparing to vote “yes” until they heard the closing remarks of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who criticised the ethos of Republican economics, which prompted them to change their minds at the very last minute.

But remember:

Although most Democrats in the House backed the plan, two-thirds of Republicans voted against it. Many attacked it as a perversion of free-market economics and a departure from Reagan-style liberalism.

Let me put this in stark terms. McCain made no contribution whatsoever to the bailout plan, and his party voted it down. But he’s saying it’s Obama’s fault somehow, because House Republicans were offended by Nanci Pelosi’s speech? Pathetic, childish, and horrifically irresponsible. It is the Republican Party which is playing partisan games with the bailout plan, terrified as they are of electoral disaster in November, in both the White House and Congressional races. And now he’s pretty much at everyone else’s mercy, all McCain can do is lie, lie and lie again in the hope that some of it will stick. It isn’t working.

He’s also trying to rehabilitate his freefalling campaign by chaperoning Sarah Palin on her latest outing with her nemesis Katie Couric. But it’s so grotesque it’s laughable – it looks like she’s being minded by her grumpy father for goodness’ sake. And he’s lying again (and you can see it in his eyes) – ‘gotcha journalism’? Try responsible journalism, which he’s not at all used to answering to.

But Sarah’s so SO stupid she’s been caught out by Katie again. Imagine being VP candidate to the oldest presidential candidate in history, and then attacking your VP opponent for being old (and experienced):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There you have it – a masterclass in how to attack both your running mate and yourself. It also seems Sarah’s become a parody of Tina Fey rather than the other way around:

She considers herself a feminist, yet doesn’t believe women should be able to determine their own reproductive rights and is against the morning after pill. Palin also has things to say about homosexuality (it’s a ‘choice’) and other matters (like climate change) in the full, unedited interview (below):

(with thanks to cajunboy)

You couldn’t make it up. If Obama wins next month, the world will owe a debt of gratitude to Katie Couric, and I suppose also to an imploding Republican Party.


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