Clay Aiken: Gay Dad

Following on from his self-outing in People magazine, Clay Aiken has gone on Good Morning America to discuss his homosexuality and his new baby.

Good for him for being out and open about gay parenting, advocating the quality of the parenting rather than the gender composition or sexual orientation of the parents, as the most important element in bringing up a child. It may have taken him an extraordinarily long time to come out, and won’t have been a surprise to anyone, but good for him for taking a stand in becoming a role model at a critical time for gay rights in his country.

It’s also interesting hearing his views about religion. Aiken describes himself as a Southern Baptist and expresses a wish to buck the homophobic-Christian stereotype by his own example and in his son’s upbringing. His account of a lack of homophobia in fellow Christians he knows is the same stand Bishop Gene Robinson is taking – that the more bigoted and vocal Church leaders don’t have quite the constituency they claim to. For this to come from a celebrated American Idol will likely carry some significant weight, and hopefully contribute to positively affecting the lives of the younger gay generations to come.


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