Country John McCain First!

Hilarious, isn’t it? John McCain ‘suspended’ his own presidential campaign in order instead to come to Washington to save the US economy. And rather than support their own (still) President in his £700 billion bail out of the American financial system, it’s the Republicans who have so far scuppered the deal. McCain, has now ‘unsuspended’ his campaign after a bitch fight in the White House cabinet room where Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson went down on his knees in front of Nancy Pelosi, begging Congressional leaders to endorse the Bush administration’s plan. The self-confessed economic ignoramus allegedly didn’t make any contribution at all and did nothing to ‘rescue’ America, as his party sabotaged a deal. But why is that happening? Jon Stewart has answers:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And of course he’s right – and this is coming out elsewhere in the news: having learned not to trust Bush, all voters have watched him try to repeat the same ploy which authorised Iraq, justified the Patriot Act and all the shit of the last 7 years, all with no oversight, and won’t stand for it. W is now hoist to his own petard. It would be funny if the entire financial system weren’t crashing down around our ears. I wonder if McCain won’t launch ‘his’ own proposals during the presidential debate tonight to prove just what a ‘maverick’ he is. For someone who ‘suspended’ his campaign in order to help a bi-partisan solution to the economic crisis, and then did precisely nothing to bring the political factions together, that would be almost immoral.


3 responses to “Country John McCain First!

  1. I think the announcement was a stupid piece of politicking, and cost hims some momentum for the week but didn’t shift anything. Most americans were captivated by the spectacle of the grand high politicians coming out of the woodwork and actually having to do some work. I think Obama’s spin lines were head and tails better than McCain’s for this week of reporting.

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