Pants on Fire

With Obama now pulling steadily (if still only barely) clear from McCain and Palin, we’re back to desperation, mudslinging, distortions and lies by the Republicans. The candidates on the ticket of course have great experience in evasions too. Try John McCain, self-styled saviour of Wall Street, determined to crack down on corporate excess and corruption to save the average joe on Main Street America: According to McCain, Carly Fiorina, until recently his economic adviser (his original economic guru, Phil Gramm, resigned after saying Americans were whining about the economy), who was fired by Hewlett-Packard but given a severance package of $21 million when 20,000 of the HP workforce were laid off, isn’t an example of corporate excess at all. She’s not a ‘fat cat’, the likes of whom he’s promised to crack down on, because…she’s a woman. Her achievement in breaking the glass ceiling seems to negate any incompetence or greed she may have displayed in the job. It’s an argument he’s used before – Sarah Palin appears to suit him as Vice President, purely because she’s a woman with certain characteristics which appeal to a certain demographic. The question of her ability to do the job? Irrelevant. The question of her suitability to do the job? Also irrelevant. And here’s proof of her un suitability: This woman believes she has foreign policy credentials because she can see Russia from Alaska, never thought twice about accepting her place on the GOP ticket, in complete, unblinking belief that she was the right candidate. To criticise her for the appalling positions she ties herself to (or for her lying or inconsistencies) is apparently misogynystic (which is hilarious considering she’s number 2 to the biggest misogynyst on earth). There’s a common factor here, don’t you think? The distortions and double standards extend even as far as McCain’s senior strategist Steve Schmidt, who when the New York Times discovered (and reported):

that Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, had been paid more than $30,000 per month in an earlier job working for a group seeking to limit government regulation of US mortgage lenders

went ballistic and attacked the paper for unfair bias towards Obama. It looked pretty bad for both Davis and McCain in their own right, considering:

the continued arrangement (with Freddie Mac) contradicts claims from McCain as recently as Sunday that there was no connection between his manager’s lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, and the mortgage companies.

McCain lies, Palin lies, their campaign manager lies. It’s good though to see they’re now slowly being held to account, and that as their evasions to keep their double standards hidden become increasingly visible to all, that they’re plummeting in the opinion polls. Remember: McCain, whatever else he may want you to believe, is no maverick – he is what he claims to be campaigning against.


2 responses to “Pants on Fire

  1. you know for 700 billion dollars I can buy several very nice countries….

    Palin had a fairly bad week, but so did Biden, very bad actually. The no clean coal line could really hurt them in PA

    btw your twitter posts yesterday were funny.

  2. Oh thank you Tim. I love Twitter – just how to embed a tabloid within a broadsheet.

    Palin had far more than a fairly bad week. The interview I’ve just blogged was an absolute train wreck. I can’t imagine Biden coming across worse or anywhere near as badly as her. It’s now abundantly clear why the GOP are so desperate to stop her speaking in public…

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