Will Young: Grace

For those of you who just can’t wait till ‘Let It Go’ on the 29th of this month…

For a man who started his career perfecting his ability to deliver on TV it’s scarcely conceivable that he’s actually improving. It’s a killer delivery of a song at least the equal of anything on ‘Friday’s Child’. This song, in many ways far more than the current single ‘Changes’ has turned heads and ‘Let It Go’ is increasingly looking like a very significant album.


6 responses to “Will Young: Grace

  1. Hot man. Amazing voice. And a superb feeling of picking amazing songs.

  2. There really is a feeling of him upping his game here. I know he got kudos for taking risks with his last album ‘Keep On’, but I remember attending some of his TV performances and seeing his general demeanour – he wasn’t comfortable. He seems to have shrugged that off entirely now – I’m back to getting chills when I see him perform again.

  3. I certainly put him right up there with the likes of George Michael – in fact he bears many similarities what with the use of gospel choirs and his leaning for more relaxed soul and power ballads.

    I would like him to do something a little more upbeat and funky sometime, even though ‘Leave Right Now’ remains my favourite of his so far.

    Also, I really hope he doesn’t get lost. It’s a risk people take when they are determined to be non-conformist with their music and they end up only appealing to a small specialist market.

  4. By the way, I love the new colour scheme on here.

  5. I think he did run the risk of getting lost after his last album. He was quite determinedly not conforming in 2005, which did buy him new interest, but I don’t think it helped cement his shot at longevity. His great difficulty was always after that finding a way to play to his strengths, whilst somehow reinventing himself continuously at the same time. ‘Let It Go’ doesn’t do that job 100%, but what it does right (‘Grace’ is good evidence of that) is a complete and total success. I’m looking forward to reviewing the album on Monday.

    And thank you, it felt like the blog was overly clogged up with that colour scheme, and paring it down has made me start to enjoy it again.

  6. Update: the recorded version is markedly different from this acoustic version, is blessed with a gospel choir and is quite possibly the best thing he’s ever done.

    Video of his latest acoustic performance of ‘Grace’ to get posted tomorrow. It’s worth the wait, trust me.

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