Obama FINALLY Finds a Tag-Line!

Obama’s been criticised pretty much by everybody for not having easily accessible tag lines. But where Sarah Palin had her lipstick moment:

Obama’s now got this:

“The old boys’ network: in the McCain campaign that’s called a staff meeting.”

Long overdue. Now link in Phil Gramm and get McCain to lie through his teeth squirm.


8 responses to “Obama FINALLY Finds a Tag-Line!

  1. Taglines – are you serious? Mexico is looking good right now.

  2. You weren’t amused? I’m not saying for a minute that something that simple will sway the election or anything, but he does need to deliver lines which will hit the headlines and push Sarah Palin off the front pages…

  3. It really is a great line. Best thing about it is there’s no intelligible way for McGrumpy to rebuff it.

  4. amused ? I am not sure. It’s either laugh or cry. 🙂

  5. @Kurt You do remember that Obama’s VP pick has been in the senate 30 years right?

  6. Yes, Joe Biden has spent thirty years fighting the philosophies, policies and practices of McCain’s good ‘ol boy network. He deserves a lot of credit, thank you for reminding us.

  7. 30 years IS the good ol boy network. McCain has been in for 22 years, I take it Biden was fighting for the little guy the whole time? Like when he pushed the new bankruptcy laws to help the credit card companies?

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