Will Young: Changes (Single)

Today marks the release to iTunes of Will Young‘s new single ‘Changes’.

For those who know me, you’ll know how I’ve gushed about this man’s talent for many years now. I’ve bought his music, watched him sing, I’ve even taken his photo on more than one occasion (Will is very easy on the eye); despite starting his career as the very first ‘Pop Idol’, Will has lasted, and he’s lasted because he’s not just good but very good indeed.

‘Changes’ marks a new collaboration with Eg White, who wrote the mega-hit ‘Leave Right Now’ for him in 2003, which arguably sealed the deal on his future career. And similarly the song has soft, familiar edges, but is laced with dark, often bittersweet lyrics which catch you off-guard. Having played with it briefly in 2002, Will doesn’t do sickly sweet anymore – his soulful pop speaks of the human experience, and it’s very much his experience. He’s always managed to release songs which have really caught me where I’m at, and again uses his towering talent to really sell the mood with his quality of his voice. And it’s the quality of his voice in particular which shines in ‘Changes’.

Prior word has it that the highlight of Will’s new album ‘Let It Go’ will be the vocals’ largely being demo vocals – you certainly get that feeling here. The song has enjoyably rough edges without losing any of the professionalism you would expect from Will, but go and look at listen to the video, which is here if you need any further selling on it. The album is due out on 29th September.

You can buy ‘Changes’ here (if you’re in the UK). And you really should.


One response to “Will Young: Changes (Single)

  1. I have always liked Will too. I was ready to cut my arms off during the Pop Idol final as everyone was saying that Gareth gates was going to win. The mere thought horrified me as Will had a far more superior voice. He has lasted very will and will dof or a very long time. I love his music 🙂

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