John McCain is a Liar

See this? It’s an outright lie by John McCain.

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Apparently it makes Obama a misogynist. But what about seeing it in context?

When McCain says it however noone notices.

Yet he’s the man who called his wife a c*nt in public. Don’t take my word for it, see his misogyny in action:

This indeed isn’t change – it’s politics as usual. Again John McCain lies like a trooper in order to get his way, and now we’re in the election period proper the American media is blindly obeying, just like last time.

Hoping to stoke anger among women voters, McCain aides dispatched the former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift on a conference call with reporters to accuse the Illinois senator of insulting Palin, the Alaska governor. Swift said Obama had called her a pig, pointing out that Palin is the only one of the four candidates in the race who wears lipstick.

Obama never even mentioned her name. Fortunately the lie was so huge (McCain even smears Katie Couric) that the video was forcibly removed from YouTube.

McCain has nothing progressive to offer a country which is quite literally crying out for change – he’s just using Sarah Palin as a smokescreen to give an illusion of ‘change’, hoping that merely stealing Obama’s meme will be enough to see him in the White House in January. This really has to stop – I think it’s true that this garbage masquerading as politics will really have a terrible outcome if McCain & Palin win this contest.

I thought Republicans didn’t like lying. Seems they do.


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