Five of the Best

Sometimes a more…light-hearted entry is needed on a blog which spends its time being very serious indeed. Here’s Austin Drage, recently seen on ITV1’s ‘X-Factor’:

And Ultimate Olympian Michael Phelps (the video may be in Japanese but it really doesn’t matter):

Ah and Chace Crawford:

The Stormbreaker has grown up. Alex Pettyfer:

And lastly (but not least), ‘House”s Jesse Spencer:

You’ll have your own favourites of course – make as many suggestions as you like for the next round, which should come as soon as this weekend! You’re also entirely free to let me know if I’ve got this list (which is arbitrary) entirely wrong (or, Heaven forbid, right…).


One response to “Five of the Best

  1. hmm always partial to Ben Cohen, Blu Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal, and oh yeah my boy friend

    is it wrong that I listed a porn guy in that? and what’s up with british guys not liking red heads? that’s just weird.

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