Will Young: Let It Go

Will Young for those of you who don’t already know him, was the first winner of Simon Fuller’s TV ‘Idol’ format, winning Pop Idol in 2002 before anyone had even heard of Kelly Clarkson. And he’s powered ahead ever since with a hugely successful career on his own terms ever since, peaking with the multi-platinum and award winning Friday’s Child in 2003 and its now legendary lead single Leave Right Now. I’ve been convinced since the time of Pop Idol that Will was very much not the next big thing, but the next Great Thing, and whilst last album in 2005 Keep On didn’t quite reach those heights, he’s without doubt remained a hugely popular media character, loved within the media and without. Well he’s finally back with fourth album Let It Go, with lead single Changes. His record label, RCA’s write-up is nothing short of exciting, and with tasters like this video (of the title track) to whet our appetites, it looks unlikely to be hyperbole:

I met Will briefly the other day, and wished him well for this album. I got the most honest thanks and beaming smile in return I could ever have imagined. Sometimes nice guys really do win.


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