Pride 2008

I’ve gone to London’s Pride since 1994 – the year I came out. And in that time it’s gone from a popular but fringe event, with violence to navigate in Brixton, to a mainstream event in central London, co-funded and supported by City Hall and all the main political parties. This year’s was a particular success, led from the front by Mayor Boris Johnson, participated in by the Metropolitan Police and all the armed forces, and supported by the biggest crowd to date. Regulars like Stonewall‘s co-founder Sir Ian McKellen, Peter Tatchell (amusing everyone with a particularly and aptly cruel insult to Iranian President Ahmadinejad) and numerous community organisations and ordinary people enjoyed the sun and unprecedented support from hundreds of thousands of tourists and Londoners alike, which made this the best Pride in my recollection. It’s no mean feat with religious zealots and the far right nipping at our heels, but even the former were smaller in number than ever before. It was a good reminder that (whatever certain tabloids would have you believe), we really are everywhere and are supported in being who we are by a majority which is more at ease with itself than in living memory.

The photos are of course mine, and you can see them full-size at your leisure on my Flickr photostream. Comments there (as here) are welcome.


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