Stop the War Press!

A quickie but it’s worth knowing. The Stop the War Coalition have organised a protest in Parliament Square for Sunday 15th June at 5pm against the final state appearance of George W Bush as he continues his ‘Good Riddance Bye Tour’. The Metropolitan Police (who’ve tried and failed at this wheeze before) have banned it.

I have attended a Stop the War demonstration which had initially been banned by the Met, only for the ban to be rescinded in the face of thousands of protesters gathering in Trafalgar Square anyway. And quite rightly Stop the War have said they’re going on anyway. Those of us who care about our civil liberties and the right to demonstrate peacefully should join them.

The government is planning on a partial repeal of the grossly unjust Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA), the Act which created a no-demonstration exclusion zone around Parliament (allegedly to turf out Brian Haw). They need to be shown just how urgent it is, and just how frequently the Metropolitan Police abuse their power.


4 responses to “Stop the War Press!

  1. you never see people marching to protest Darfur.

  2. That’s not remotely true. There are frequent protests against the Darfur crisis. The most recent I know of in London was a huge demo outside the Chinese Embassy, almost certainly better attended than this Stop the War protest. It wasn’t as well reported however, no doubt because Bush guarantees more easy headlines than a complicated conflict thousands of miles away. I don’t think that’s a terribly moral stance for the mainstream news media to take, but they already made more out of this demo than it actually was.

    They led with the story of police violence, but a small handful of protesters were trying to storm a barricade across Whitehall in a demonstration which was already banned. The Met weren’t that overzealous, considering Bush was actually at Downing Street at the time. Everyone who merely attended was lucky not to get arrested. The argument about Bush getting special treatment might ultimately be valid, but it did make logical sense to keep large crowds as far away from the most hated President in history as possible.

  3. well that’s good to learn, though your right I didn’t hear anything about it at all. LOL bush isn’t the most hated president over here, that’s Carter. he’s pretty much universally despised by everyone over here except the pro-Hamas sympathizers.

    Still I support military action against Sudan but honestly there seem to be even more sides and factions than Iraq. you have the muslims of the north against christians of the south with splintered factions of each taking their own course of actions. You have foreign mercenaries from muslim countries and Al-Qaeda, You have the chinese drilling for oil and than you have a loose government that is actively supporting the attacks. Now you have christians starting to support the southern militias. Sanctions haven’t worked, not that you could get China to agree to them. Basically your best bet would be to partition the country but I’m not even sure the two sides would agree to that. it’s your basic soup sandwich.

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