Change We Can’t Believe In

Who on earth does John McCain have advising him? The pundit in the video who says this isn’t a contest about speech making is dead wrong – 2004 proved that without much doubt. Bush’s and Kerry’s natures were laid bare before the electorate, and perhaps more than on the issues or perceived issues they chose the man they preferred. Kerry did know better, was smarter and more experienced but came across like Lurch from the Addams Family; Bush was folksy and came across as the oft-referred-to ‘guy you could have a beer with’.

With that in mind much of this general election contest is likely to hinge around the likability of these two men. Yet McCain followed up his appalling performance on the Ellen Show (who told him that was a good idea?) with this disaster of a speech, looking wooden, insincere and uncomfortable. He looked decrepit, couldn’t read the autocue, had no idea how to deliver a speech he clearly hadn’t written, which itself was cheap and nasty despite his protestations to the contrary. Contrast that with the speech which most of the world saw:

One of those men is behaving like a President. I wonder if the right man will win in November this time. We can only hope.


One response to “Change We Can’t Believe In

  1. yup it’s all going to come down to charisma, I’m not sure if you’ve caught the bit where they are already discussing the debate format. Theres a push to change the stilted debates of the past for the more dynamic debates of yore. I’m all for it, I’d like to know my leaders can talk.

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