Mehdi Kazemi Granted Asylum

At long last Mehdi Kazemi has been granted asylum in the UK and is now safe from being sent back to a near certain death in his home country of Iran. It’s about bloody time too. I hope Ian McKellen manages to get him to Pride in July – whether he likes it or not he has become an important public figure in the fight against this government’s ignorance and institutional homophobia.

But don’t forget about Jojo Jako Yakob, don’t forget about Pegah Emambakhsh (even Obama hasn’t), nor the many other asylum seekers, both gay and straight, treated with barbaric cruelty in their politically undermined asylum applications, be they free or detained.

Dr. Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MEP for South East England, demanded that the British government makes homophobia and transphobia absolute grounds for asylum.

And she’s right of course. The Dutch can do it (although not without governmental resistance), so why can’t we?


4 responses to “Mehdi Kazemi Granted Asylum

  1. Actually he has ‘leave to remain’ for five years and the case will be reviewed then. It’s still a major victory but that’s an important point.

    Thanks for your ongoing support. I’ll have a piece on PinkNews filling in some of the detail on what this means.

  2. Thanks for that Paul, I was going to ask you about that – I saw your post on a few minutes after I posted here. Would this result be the customary norm, or would indefinite leave to remain be expected?

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