Indiana Jones and the Final Countdown…

At long last Indy 4 is released on Friday. Now I remember 1989 and Lucas/Spielberg and Ford all saying that Last Crusade was ‘it’ for the franchise, yet here we are again:The question was always whether there were any mileage in a new film, but also whether Ford was too old. With the decline in his career in the last decade, was it also simply going to act as a vehicle for him to eclipse the upstarts now dominating the film world? And given George Lucas’ lamentable judgment and approach over the second Star Wars trilogy, was this going to be more of the same? The murmurings in the last few days suggested so – not only had the trailers failed to generate that much buzz, but the word of mouth was poor. I thought that was unlikely, considering how much better a director Spielberg is now than he was nearly two decades ago, although the shooting of this film was hurried…The press has now seen it – there was a screening ahead of the world premiere in Cannes – and the verdict seems to be don’t worry,it’s fine. No confirmation yet whether or not LaBoeuf is Jones’ son, but given that Lucas is openly saying he wants to make Indy 5 featuring Shia, with Ford taking the Connery role from Last Crusade, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. I’ll put a review up next weekend, unless it’s as sold out as you might expect…

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One response to “Indiana Jones and the Final Countdown…

  1. Nice photo, nice actors & actresses, nice ambiance, nice historical description (Cold War + Mc Carthy) but story wasn’t as good as expected. 80% satisfied.

    You should spend quite a good time watching it!


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