Skins 2:10 (Spoilers)


It’s A-Level results day; it’s also the day of Chris’ funeral, and his Dad (Mark Heap) has banned the gang from attending. As they all work through their individual struggles, Tony, now fully recovered, decides to steal Chris’ coffin to give him the send off he deserves. But Jal won’t have it, and after a superb and hilariously shot car chase through Bristol, the body gets returned and the issues the cast have had on hold for weeks finally break out with the opening up of their exam results.

It’s then time to say goodbye to Chris for real, as diverging futures beckon – Cassie is still in New York, Maxxie and James are about to move in together, Anwar’s failed his A-Levels and Tony & Michelle’s final breakup looms as they head to different universities. Is Anwar cursed to live a life in nowheresville with the psycho Sketch? Will Sid’s and Tony’s friendship really resume? Will Sid and Cassie find each other again?

A series which never really knew what it was doing – was it a teen drama, a soap opera or something else? The darkness which permeated series 2 took away the lighter touch which series 1 was known for, and whilst there were moments of good acting and good scripting, the series as a whole was painfully inconsistent. Episode 10 falls into the same trap – was this all about Chris & Jal, Michelle & Tony, the jarring intrusion of Sketch into the group or the back and forth of Sid’s and Cassie’s relationship? In the confusion Maxxie’s story got inexcusably (considering how popular Mitch Hewer is) ignored, the impact of Sketch’s behaviour got lost and humour was noticeably lacking, although Mark Heap’s typically wise-yet-insane turn was very successful this week and long overdue.

It’s a shame that series 3 will headline only Tony’s sister Effy – a real shame. What will become of Maxxie, James and Anwar in London? Does Sid turn that extra centimetre? Are Tony and Michelle destined to be together? Will Sketch keep her mother imprisoned forever? This series set up more questions than it answered. But it did succeed in setting up new, mainstream young, British talent at the forefront of popular culture – Mitch Hewer’s star is in the ascendant without question, Hannah Murray is already heading to the West End and Nic Hoult has proven that About A Boy wasn’t an accident. It’ll be interesting to see what the cast does next.


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  1. SKINS <333

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