Skins 2:9 (Spoilers)


Chris is recovering from his brain surgery, Cassie is eating, Tony and Michelle are dating again, things are looking up for Sid. But all is far from well. Cassie’s disillusionment with the world and her demons are getting the better of her still, and despite a comedic intervention from her teachers, she’s still ready to break apart. As is her relationship, as is Chris, now no longer a father-to-be. Cassie can’t deal with the unfairness of it all, it just doesn’t square with her naive view of how the world should be.

Then Chris dies horribly in her arms and she loses it completely and runs. But how will she fare living by her wits with the gorgeous Adam in New York?

Hannah Murray outclasses everyone in the acting department, making Cassie’s predicament in life both impossibly difficult and inherently understandable. Whereas she’s played Cassie for laughs in previous episodes, she underplays her here, in what is the most interesting episode of the series so far. Cassie is far ahead of her friends, yet far behind at the same time, and her eating disorder hints at a possible unhappy end for her too. It’s a very theatrical episode – the double act with the (very good) Adam in particular, but that too ends, leaving Cassie in New York with an uncertain future. This is a good step on from teen drama, and it’s clear why the editing priorities have been as they’ve been in the lead-up episodes. It’s disappointing that the lighter touch is utterly absent here, and hopefully next week’s finale will tie things up without excess gloom, especially considering the majority of the cast won’t be in Skins series 3…


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