Torchwood 2:13 (Spoilers)

Exit Wounds

All seems lost. Captain John is back, is blowing up most of Cardiff, releasing all the weevils to kill as many people as possible, and has a mad on for Jack. Seemingly spurned by his former partner and lover, at the last minute he retreats with Jack into the past where they find the real mastermind – Gray. But Gray is lost – driven mad by the aliens who abducted him, he’s consumed with destroying Jack and Jack’s life, which includes manipulating John…

It’s impressive to have episodes with consequences, and this definitely delivers. The deaths of Owen and Tosh are heavy on the melodrama, but Naoko Mori shows just how bad a loss her departure will be to a series which has only just started to find its feet. Jack’s escape from eternal damnation is quite well written, but Gray’s motivation is threadbare, and their conflict, although well acted, is somewhat of a let down considering the build up it had. And was it just me but in series 1 wasn’t it established that Jack wasn’t his real name? Why is Gray calling him Jack?

Tosh’s death was really moving, but the episode really was all over the place. It wasn’t bad by any means, but the writing wasn’t anywhere near as involved as its timeslot promised. Gwen and Rhys’ relationship remains the bedrock of the series (which is welcome), but they’re far from the only characters in relationship. Owen and Tosh’s near relationship was thankfully at least addressed, but Jack’s relationship with Ianto is still just taken for granted. And Jack’s diminished by his friends’ deaths, but they’re far from the first ones he’s endured and it isn’t clear if his character is even noticeably changed. Maybe Doctor Who Series 4 will have an impact.


4 responses to “Torchwood 2:13 (Spoilers)

  1. Speak for yourself, dude. I’m devastated by the deaths of Owen and Tosh. Their demise took all the thrill out of having James Marsters back as Capt. John.

    As to the name thing, couldn’t Capt. John have told Gray that his brother calls himself Jack now? No big.

  2. Yeah you’re right, I may have been a little harsh. The whole point of the ‘secret origin’ episode was to show just how much this ersatz family Jack’s cobbled together matters to him. I was very sad to see Tosh’s death stick – Owen’s had essentially already happened weeks ago.

    I guess after three months of waiting for the Jack/Gray confrontation, I was expecting more action, a few more revelations, and less melodrama.

  3. Gah, I missed five minutes in the middle and didn’t see what happened to Jack properly – I saw him being buried, but then all of a sudden he was back at Torchwood – what happened? Had he been buried for thousands of years, cos his clothes looked in pretty good nick if that was the case!

    It’s a shame Tosh had to go, she was just getting good. Not sad to see Owen go at all. Wanker.


  4. Victorian Torchwood discovered him and brought him back, whereupon he told them to freeze him again for fear of bumping into himself, having landed in Victorian Wales (presumably) following his resurrection by Rose. So yes he was buried nearly two millennia, then another century.

    Owen never quite clicked. In series 1 he was too hard, in 2 a bit inconsistent if more human. Tosh’s departure will hurt the programme, unless the writing next time is *much* better and the casting to flesh out new-new-Torchwood is smart. I didn’t think Naoko Mori would be any good at all, but she ended up outacting them all, and humanised her character more than any of her colleagues.

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