Remodel: Formula

Meet Remodel: Mark, Leigh, Adam and Joey. It’s the launch of their single ‘Formula’ and their first video. I’m not the world’s biggest music fan, so I’m not the best one to write about rock, punk, or post-punk music, but in the time I’ve known these boys they’ve developed from having potential to being a stone’s throw away from a music contract. They’re now that good – get to the iTunes Music Store right now and buy as many copies as you can. If you like pop with a smidge of attitude and a lot of cheek take my word for it.

Oh and enjoy the photos I’ve taken of them in the following slideshow:


One response to “Remodel: Formula

  1. If I had a card that worked on the iTunes store, I’d buy a copy. But I don’t so I can’t, sorry!

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