Skins 2:7 (Spoilers)


Tony and Effy’s mother is on Tony’s pills and the house is going to hell. Effy’s schoolwork is going to hell too, and she’s forced to make friends with mad Pandora in order not to get expelled. As Tony and Sid’s friendship continues to decline and Tony languishes in the self pity of singledom, Effy makes a deal with Sid in order to fix everyone’s ruined relationships, whilst serving her own ends.

Naked Mitch Hewer. Thanks to Skins Online.

Thanks to Skins Online.

The acting in this episode is sublime – pitch perfect. There’s a wry humour in Effy’s self-serving manipulations, doing bad things with the side effect of making things right again. The plot threads are woven together in a delightfully sharp, well directed script, as the Stonem family declines precipitously, but rises again – almost entirely because of Effy. She’s by far the strongest character in the series so far, and verges on being the best acted. Sid and Cassie are back together, Tony and Michelle too, and Tony & Effy’s mother recovers from her depression, all because of Effy. Bravo.


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  1. That pic is so fake!!!!

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