Save Mehdi Kazemi

My photographs of the demonstration outside Downing Street, London, in support of Mehdi Kazemi. The demonstration was attended by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and various rights and student groups. As of this writing Mehdi is still in the Netherlands awaiting deportation under the Dublin Convention to the UK, where Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said she intends to review his case. However whereas in the Netherlands an initial application by a gay asylum seeker is automatically accepted, Britain has no such provisions, despite extensive evidence of thousands of human rights abuses and executions by the theocratic regime. And Mehdi Kazemi is far from the only gay Iranian asylum seeker in the UK still under threat, the Home Office claiming that being ‘discreet’ is enough to avoid persecution.

My previous posts on Mehdi’s case are here:


5 responses to “Save Mehdi Kazemi

  1. Hey. Good job with the pictures. I have used one of them for a blog post about this. Hope it’s cool.

  2. @ Paul – thank you very much. I have a lot of reading of your blog to do it seems! 🙂

    @ Zeitgeist – I’m glad you liked the shot. They’re there to be used to promote awareness of this story, so it’s very cool.

  3. I am mortified about the situation surrounding Mehdi. I am a student in Wisconsin, a state in the USA. Is there anything we can do? The more attention and press that this situation receives, the better it could be for the outcome. I want to help fight for Mehdi and stop them from sending him back to Iran. What can we do to help???

    Please email me. Thank you and Good Luck!

  4. Mehdi is not completely safe yet and he needs all the support he can get!

    Please visit and as well.

    Thnx in advance,


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