More Anti-Refugee Barbarism

In a law due to be enacted in the United Kingdom in the autumn, anyone deported from the country will then not be eligible to apply for asylum for ten years.

Pardon my French but what the fuck?

Just in case you weren’t sure about Peter Tatchell’s claim that the asylum system is now rigged for all to fail, just consider how significant a breach this is of the 1951 Refugee Convention. But it’s nothing new. The British government has long chosen to conflate those seeking asylum with those seeking economic migration. Ruud Lubbers in 2003 reaffirmed the Convention as a human rights instrument, in the face of a fierce attack against it by Tony Blair and the New Labour government. In the face of that it’s hard to believe that Blair aimed to halve the number of asylum seekers by overtly breaching the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Human Rights Act, the Children Act, the Refugee Convention and other international norms. Tatchell’s point about legal aid seems particularly salient, in the case of recent government outrages against legitimate asylum seekers. And his further comments about the treatment of gay and straight asylum seekers should shame any government claiming any support from human rights, yet the Brown government continues right from where the Blair government left off…


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