It’s Not Just the Gays…

Ama Sumani is dead.

Most of you have no idea who she was, but she was the Ghanaian woman who had overstayed (and allegedly broke) the terms of her visa and was deported back to Ghana. But remember too that she was suffering from cancer, and was taken by force from a hospital whilst receiving dialysis treatment. Lin Homer, the Chief Executive of the Borders and Immigration Agency, the agency currently charged with the removal of Mehdi Kazemi and Pegah Emambakhsh, also against all reason, defends their behaviour:

“The case was carefully considered by both trained caseworkers but also through the independent judicial process, which is better and fairer than a decision by me as chief executive or by the minister.”

Right. So these would be the trained caseworkers who thought Mehdi would be safe if he was just ‘discreet’. Apparently “judicial rulings had found that deporting those undergoing medical treatment did not amount to inhumane treatment, even if the person involved later had a relapse or died.” I think you’ll find that most normal human beings wouldn’t agree with that, certainly not people with a conscience. Ama couldn’t afford the treatment needed to save her life in Ghana, and the drug needed was also not available, so how could any government with any conscience remove a terminally ill woman from hospital and just fling her on a plane to what turned out to be a certain death? There are people in this country here who truly don’t belong – which planes are they being flung onto? As usual the weakest link is the easist option for these neanderthals, themselves charged with enforcing an immoral immigration and asylum policy.


2 responses to “It’s Not Just the Gays…

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  2. The deportation of Ama Sumani (described by Lin Homer, chief executive of the Border & Immigration Agency, as “not exceptional”) not only shows a total lack of compassion, it suggests a vindictive cruelty in the methodology of the Border & Immigration Agency.

    By denying her the drugs she needed & the support people were willing to give, the Border & Immigration Agency are guilty of no less than culpable homicide.

    It is horrific that someone receiving treatment vital to their survival can be removed from hospital against their will. What is chilling is that this is the operational practice of a government funded executive agency.

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