Skins 2:6 (Spoilers)


Tony’s seemingly supernaturally fast recovery gathers pace, as he starts going out with the gang again. But he’s still not well, is being manipulated by Cassie and is outright haunted by Sid & Michelle’s uncertain relationship. He’s also being crippled by panic attacks, just at the point of preparing for a university open day, but his loyal sister Effy gets him out the door – or seems to at least…


Who is Sean Pertwee? And who is the mysterious girl who coaches him out of his first panic attack? Why does she keep vanishing? And who are the university welcome posse? So drugs would do weird things to him right now eh? That’s the moral of the episode, with its frequent overtones of Vanilla Sky. The acting’s quite good, despite being difficult to judge, with the episode quite possibly entirely in Tony’s mind, as he struggles to get his life and personality back. For the most part it’s very well done, although a strong payoff at the end might have been better than just seeing Tony’s tattoo, which is either in his dream or means he really is very unwell indeed…


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