Skins 2:5 (Spoilers)


Lovable loser Chris gets expelled from college, to noone’s particular surprise, immediately finds it impossible to stick with a job and gets himself evicted. He gets taken on as a trainee estate agent but despite initial successes, gets manipulated by Cassie and fails. He deepens his relationship with Jal, but gets manipulated by Cassie into shagging Angie and fails again. Which side of his nature will win out? Will Jal get as bitter and vengeful as the returned Cassie, who spills the beans about Sid and Michelle to everyone (including Tony)? And what are Cassie’s intentions – it’s not as if her insensitivity hasn’t led to her and Sid’s breakup.

It’s a superb episode, strongly directed by Harry Enfield, with nuanced performances across the board. Chris is far more than he appears, and his inner conflict is effectively and entertainingly drawn out. After so much darkness, we have an episode which is bubbly and light, but underpinned by strong characterisation, and effectively dangling plot threads – how far is Sketch going to go to manipulate Anwar, and what is her ultimate ambition about Maxxie? And what will Tony do when his recovery is complete, with his best friend shagging his girlfriend? A series finale blowout is coming together, but the Skins kids have a lot of changes yet to go through – Jal’s pregnant and hasn’t told Chris.


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