Super Tuesday II

So Hillary defies history again and takes Texas and Ohio. As Ohio Governor Ted Strickland notes, this is to add to her large victories in New York, New Jersey and California, presenting an argument against Obama’s continuing lead in delegates, for superdelegates. The Democratic Party is still making it clear it wants them both, but it can’t have them both. Even if they ran together they have nothing to offer one another in the numerical logic of an American general election, and it’s hard to imagine a defeated Obama settling for a VP position, given the attempted tone of moral leadership his campaign has focused on up until now.

Did this do it? Was it her promise to renegotiate NAFTA, even though it was Bill who negotiated it? Either way it means Obama still probably walks away with most delegates, but with Hillary having won the biggest, most populous and most strategically important states. So who should win now? It’s getting rather important, with John McCain now the official Republican nominee for the general election in November. What remains on offer is inspirational leadership with no substance, a real Tony Blair for the (New?) Democratic Party, versus a continuation of the Clinton dynasty – an acquiescence to what works, rather than what people actually need. With Obama’s free ride with the media now effectively over, the logic of an inevitable win is diminishing, even though it remains the probable outcome. But with Pennsylvania next, a state heavily tied to the Clintons, with issues very similar to Ohio’s, and the superdelegates still lining up just in Hillary’s favour, there remains all to play for.


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