Skins 2:4 (Spoilers)


No more doom and gloom. At last. Tony’s willy doesn’t work and he’s a bit mad, Sid’s Dad is dead and his girlfriend isn’t where she should be, Anwar’s behaving almost like he’s shagging someone secretly…and Michelle’s mother’s moving on in life – to a no-hope dandy she’s deluding herself about. The only thing for it is for the gang to all go out camping to the beach, let their hair down, relax, celebrate Michelle’s birthday and…hang on – with Michelle’s putative step sister, the busty Scarlett? And who’s that Anwar’s shagging in the dunes?

Mitch Hewer Topless

A relieving change of pace from the relentless gloom of the last two episodes, although with still not enough focus on Tony (the focus in the opening scene was however…revealing…), we get Maxxie topless, Sid being hopeless but lovable, Sketch being manipulative and evil, and quite an entertaining episode in all. The acting’s impressively consistent, Michelle’s character finally moves on (as do others’) and turns out to be far more manipulative than Scarlett’s…juuust when Sid’s girlfriend Cassie turns up. Having done nothing at all wrong. Will it all end in tears?

Mitch Hewer and the Skins Boys


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